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This library contains an ever growing list of materials containing best practices on customer experience voice of the customer, speech analytics, text analytics, social media, desktop analytics, contact centers, case studies, self-assessments, customer service, contact center agent performance, big data, example RFPs, and more. You will find several formats including ebooks, videos, on-demand webinars, and service materials. Explore the resources below to get access to over 20 years of how to build a customer-centric organization. See why brands choose Customer Relationship Metrics.

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Customer Insights to Action Newsletter: This one does need registration. As a member,  you’ll get access to special briefings on the latest findings on customer experience research, free training resources, and insiders’ insights into the myths and mysteries in contact center technology, operations, and it’s role on the entire customer experience.

Special Resources

voc-resources-no-frame Voice of the Customer Resources: Get leading Voice of the Customer information and tools faster than meticulously picking through all of those LinkedIn Groups.
cont-center-quality-no-frameContact Center Quality Assurance Resources: Get contact center quality assurance insights and tools when you need it and fast. While there are LinkedIn groups you can join, this resource prohibits all of the stuff you don’t want.
Contact Center Resources for MarketersContact Center Resources for Marketers: Your brand promise can be delivered, broken, or ignited and the contact center may hold the key. This resources is updated periodically, so share it and save it. We will let you know of updates in our newsletter as well.
Contact center quality videosContact Center Quality Video Tutorials: A gallery of several videos on quality assurance in contact centers. More than 10 videos covering a range of topics including forms, calibration, number of items to measure, what to measure, scales, agent coaching, agent morale, and numerous success tips.
Videos contact center surveying tutorialsContact Center Survey Video Tutorials: A gallery of numerous videos on surveying in contact centers. Over 20 videos covering a range of topics including buy-in, survey scales, survey questions, survey reporting, data integrity, legal risk, and several success tips.


Contact Center Managed Analytics Services : Learn how you can leverage existing investments with contact center analytics and performance management solutions (including staff), and avoid new investments with managed analytics services. Get greater value from customer and employee insights. Remove the burden and receive deeper subject matter expertise.
Metrics Performance Manager (MPM) : Finally you can link any data source to VoC (or any other quality assurance) data source. You will learn about impacts and connections you were unable to see before. You can analyze, monitor, display, and communicate business performance to any level, anywhere, at anytime. Create dashboards, scorecards, reports, and KPIs that can be viewed by all levels of your organization; without needing to buy software or get into the big IT project.

Graphics and Charts

images-and-photos-buttonContact Center Quality Transformation: Learn to build a path to Customer-centric quality assurance. Get these free graphics to help guide you and explain the practices of the best in the contact center industry.

White Paper

Beyond Surveying with eQM – Contact Center Application Service of the Year: Learn about the technical strength and ease of use which makes the eQM (External Quality Monitoring) solution Frost & Sullivan Contact Center Application Service of the Year Award winner.

eBooks and Case Studies

29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance ebook with Self-Assessment: Identify the common mistakes within your Quality Assurance program that prohibits better customer experiences and agent engagement. Includes a 29 question self-assessment and several downloadable charts and graphics.
25 Common Customer Experience Voice of the Customer Mistakes: Identify the common mistakes within your Voice of the Customer Programs that are intended to be used to improve the customer experience. Get more value, more action, and more fun from VoC by using the included self-assessment to make changes now.
25 Post-call IVR Surveying Mistakes to Avoid ebook with Self-Assessment: Post-call surveying in contact centers is growing rapidly and there are so many people that have opinions based on feelings instead of the facts. In this ebook learn from the academic inventors and get the best practices that work. Includes self-assessment.
Speech Analytics Secrets – Know your Risks: Are you ready to join the Contact Center Quality Assurance Revolution and add Speech Analytics to your program? Make sure you read this complimentary ebook before you make any investments. Not all solutions are alike.
Call Center Analytics Revealed: Why Technology is not Your Actionable Business Intelligence Panacea: Can analytics live up to your expectations? What are you not aware of that may blindside you? This ebook lays out the things you need to know to be successful and avoid.
Eliminating the Worst Call Center Practices: Quality Monitoring Calibration: This case study covers one of the most destructive common practices in contact center quality assurance programs. When contact center agents were asked what the number one job dissatisfier they most often respond, internal quality monitoring. Now you’ll really know why.
Customer Experience Big Data Dysfunction with Self-Assessment: Identify the root causes of your customer experience big data dysfunction, with this free ebook. Learn about data conversion disorder and why it is so important to your present and future. Contains a 25 question self-assessment to help you be disease free.
11 Steps to Social Media Success for Contact Centers: In this ebook get access to statistics, case studies, and findings from those that have learned how to better understand and manage social media impacts to the contact center. Use this tool to effectively combat the effects of social media terrorism.
Improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) with Agent Accountabilities: This ebook is based on a 6-month case study of two contact centers that had different methods for measuring First Contact Resolution (FCR). See how one contact center experienced a 300% ROI difference over the other contact center and how you can experience that for yourself.

Videos and On-demand Webinars

What is Survey Calibration?: Do you want contact center agents to own their customer satisfaction scores? Silly question, right? Have you implemented Survey Calibration? Then you are in trouble. You want buy-in then you must get-in to Survey Calibration. Watch and learn…
What Doctors can teach Contact Centers about the Customer Experience: Doctors know about patient satisfaction. So what do contact center leaders need to do to learn from them? This video provides a very different perspective that everyone can relate to and will be surprised with.
What callers say to…”This call may be monitored for quality purposes.”: Admit it, we all talk to IVR system messaging. So what do think customers say and do when they hear that message? The story in this video is a real one for many contact centers. It’s the (not so common) common sense.
Harvard Business Review Briefing – Stop Trying to Delight Customers: See what was proven to predict customer behavior over Net Promoter and CSAT (customer satisfaction) and how it can cost you millions.
The Most Important Piece Missing from your Voice of the Customer Program: Dr. Jodie Monger reveals on one of the most important discoveries she made about voice of the customer programs. See why she has used this for more than 15 years, yet it still remains a missing element in most all other voice of the customer programs.
Improving Net Promoter Score by More than 100%: This video will show you how you can drive Net Promoter performance and leverage the things you need for success with your customer experience program.
Effort Analytics: Don’t Miss the Metrics Your Competition Uses to Steal Your Customers: Learn how to stop chasing the wrong metrics that currently rule your day, the difference between the best and the rest, and how to start taking action on data.
Effort Analytics: 3 Most Important Takeaways: You may have missed the webcast but here is the highlights. Jessica Gordon with Frost & Sullivan interviews Jim Rembach on Effort Analytics and the 3 most important takeaways from a recent webcast.
Building an Award-winning Contact Center Case Study: Chuck Udzinski reveals the 4 top elements that helped him and his team at Black & Decker move from ugly, to bad, to good (even great). And they did it without a quality monitoring program!
Healthcare Insurance in Crisis – Why Higher Insurance Costs and Poor Customer Service is yet to Come: Learn from a healthcare executive about the anticipated deluge of consumer interactions on the healthcare insurance industry and how this will negatively impact the customer experience and operational costs. Service and profits are at risk unless action is taken now.  See why…

Customer Experience Essentials

What are Post-call IVR Surveys? : Contains a list of resources that reveal the truths and the real best practices in post-call IVR surveys in contact centers from the academic research team that invented them. Learn about survey questions, survey scales, contact center agent buy-in, and the missing things that cause failures.
What is Speech Analytics? : Contains a list of resources to teach you about the difference in speech analytics software, the benefits of speech analytics beyond the contact center, and how speech analytics has he potential to totally revolutionize quality assurance in contact centers.
What is Analytics Outsourcing? : Helps to debunk the hype behind the benefits of big data analytics and reveals the limits of contact center and customer experience analytics software. Learn about the most critical factor to leveraging analytics and gaining the full potential from your investments.
What metric is the best? Net Promoter Score, CSAT, or Customer Effort? : Get an insiders’ look into the question that everyone asks. The answer is surprising and yet practical. What to do after you know the answer…it’s up to you.

Example Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Post-call IVR Surveys example RFP : There is a customary approach to be followed in preparing a Post-call IVR Survey Request for Proposal (RFP).  Get one heck of a jump start when you need to do more with less. Registration
Desktop Automation Software Assessment example RFP : Do you want to improve the right processes? Which ones are thoses? This example RFP will help you to decide correctly and gather the right process and financial information quickly. Registration

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