Social Media Analytics Services

Obtain your customized roadmap to control what people are saying about you on social media platforms. This service includes an analysis of social media and company behavior that is blocking your ability to have the most positive brand impact and social customer service delivery.

Used when others are interested in :

  • Social Media Customer Service
  • Eliminating Negative Word of Mouth (WOM)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Proactive Positive Word of Mouth Management
  • Increasing Brand Loyalty

social media business intelligence servicesCommon Symptoms Improved by Social Media Business Intelligence Managed Services

Here are a few symptoms that have the opportunity to be impacted by a Speech BI program. Including:

  • Limited insights into customers’ IVR experience (opt-outs, mis-routes, dropped calls)
  • Lower than desired self-service utilization
  • Limited root cause understand of network reliability issues
  • Restrictions in being able to reduce transfers
  • Inability to further increase First Contact Resolution performance
  • Limited insights into root causes for repeat calls reasons
  • Not having full transparancy into customer experience provided by outsource partners
  • Having partial information into the impacts of products and services

Program Description

The Customer Experience Business Intelligence (CX BI) program framework is a lightweight service solution with heavyweight results.  The speech analytics software used to collect the data for your Speech BI is a SaaS software that requires no capital expenditure or IT training and support from you. This software also a competitive advantage to you by providing Dial-to-Disconnect Analytics.

Common Reasons to Choose Managed Services

There are several key factors, elements, and barriers that organizations face when implementing any solution.  Companies we have partnered with had barriers such as:

  • missing the information necessary to improve customers’ IVR experience
  • limited insights into partner transfers or internal transfers
  • limited IT resources
  • a great need for rapid returns
  • an even greater minimal risk of failure 

An on-demand Speech BI program is what you are looking for to overcome the barriers to adoption.

Results Experienced

As a result of the Speech BI, you will be provided the ability to impact the symptoms mentioned and: 

  • Gain greater insight on how to reduce operating expenses
  • Obtain a baseline for collaborative and constructive planning amongst senior management, mid-level managers and the front-line regarding areas blocking, and/or slowing the pace of organizational profitability and growth
  • Receive clear and confident direction to assist you in exceeding your goals, plans, and objectives, faster, and cheaper
  • Be given a “next-step” recommendation for addressing and mitigate the constraints

Financial Impact

The financial impacts from Speech BI are directly related to the actions taken. For organizations that have been committed to change, a few results may include:

 Program Duration

Typically, aSpeech BI program from CRM can be up and running with a Speech Analytics program in 60 days or less.

 Your Responsibilities

CRM conducts work related to this project both remote and on-site.  To assist in this work effort typical responsibilities include:

  • Provide CRM a primary project lead
  • Complete a pre-visit request for information
  • Complete a follow-up request

Our Responsibilities

To provide you with a synthesis of data based on the Speech BI, revealing the primary constraints impeding your growth according to the feedback and data provided by your own people along with the financial impacts of realized constraints.  In addition, you would receive specific “next-step” recommendations on the relevant solutions that can address and mitigate the constraints and financial impacts revealed from the assessment. You can then proceed on their own, or engage CRM to deliver the suggested recommendations. Additionally, we commit to:

  • Completing all work in a timely manner
  • Protecting your privacy
  •  Assigning a CRM project lead with more than 10 years experience with project scope
  • Providing a satisfaction guarantee